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Looking for a pet? Look no further! At Little America Mini Horses, we have one of the world's largest herds of horses to chose from to find your perfect companion.

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Want to start showing? Little America Miniature Horses compete at shows for the American Miniature Horse Association throughout the year and have a number of show-quality miniature horses for sale.


Looking to find the perfect mate for your miniature horse? Or maybe you want to start your own herd? In our herd you'll find the perfect color and perfect size of miniature horse.

Welcome to Our Passion

We are a family owned and operated miniature horse farm located in central Texas just south of the Texas capitol of Austin, at the edge of the famed Texas Hill Country. Little America is home to over 185 outstanding miniature horses. Noted for tiny, colorful horses, with outstanding conformation and bloodlines, Little America is one of the premier breeders of miniature horses registered with the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA). Whether you are an experienced breeder, a novice, investor, or looking for a wonderful pet, we welcome your inquiries. Our horses are well-known in the industry from coast to coast, including Hawaii and Alaska, and have been exported to Russia, Australia, England, Belgium, Scotland, Thailand, Costa Rica and Mexico, just to name a few.

Miniature Horses For Sale

View the more than 150 mini horses that we have for sale. If you would like to see our miniatures in person, feel free to call for an appointment. Whether buying or just looking, you are always welcome to stop by for a visit. We love showing our horses and sharing our over 50 years of experience with others. If we can help you, just ask. We also welcome international buyers and have experience shipping all over the world and can work with you on quarantine and shipping.

Pinto Mini Horses

We offer a huge selection of miniature pintos, both Tobianos and Overos. Find your perfect pinto mini here with Little America.

Appaloosa and Pintaloosa Miniature Horses

Now that our program is in its maturity after forty years, we have developed many snowcap blanket colts which will throw color with every foal. Pick out that special appaloosa or pintaloosa miniature from our large selection.

solid color miniature Horses

Find your dream horse in our large selection of solid color miniature horses, including bays, dapples, gray palominos, buckskins, roans, sorrels and more.

Horses in Our Herd
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What Our Customers Say

Tony has always been wonderful to deal with, ever since I met him back in 1998 at the AMHA National show. He became a mini horse mentor to me. He was great to buy from and also great to deal with when I leased a beautiful little stallion from him one year. He has always answered every question I had honestly, about individual horses, as well as about the miniature horse industry. He is truly breeding for 'Miniature' horses!

Susan O.

Little America is the absolute best place hands down to buy your minis from. I love my little herd.

Tammy S.

Enjoying my miniature horses for 30 years now, as I look at my small herd, the ones that are extra special are from Little America Miniature Horses... ❤ All my tiny mares are beautiful in their own way, each have individual personalities, and that is what makes it so enjoyable. Thank you Tony for giving me the opportunity to share my life with your little ones.

Marilyn E.